Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-Coloured fillings

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Tooth-coloured fillings are also referred to as 'composites'. Being a 'mercury-free' dental practice we place composites as standard. You may have recently been told that you have a cavity in your tooth, or you may have recently suffered a break to your tooth. In which case a tooth-coloured composite filling may have been recommended to:

  • remove any tooth decay and
  • return your tooth to its original shape, following a break.
  • improve the appearance of the tooth

This will enable you to:

  • use the tooth in normal function
  • keep your tooth clean and prevent further problems such as more decay and/or fractures

Benefits of tooth-coloured fillings

There are many benefits to tooth-coloured fillings including:

  • composites match the surrounding tooth shade so blend in beautifully to the natural tooth.
  • minimal removal of healthy tooth structure, preserving your teeth.
  • bonding (like glue) to the tooth means minimal leakage and reinfection of the tooth even in difficult to reach areas.

Your Treatment Questions Answered

Will I need anaesthetic for my dental filling?

It is likely you will have the tooth numbed if there is deep decay or the tooth is particularly sensitive. Some patients prefer not to have anaesthetic and we are happy suit your treatment to what you are comfortable with. We will usually place a numbing gel on the gum prior to numbing the tooth to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Your dentist will happily discuss this process with you at your appointment and will answer any questions you may have.

Do you place silver / amalgam fillings?

No. At Market Place Dental we are a mercury-free practice. All new fillings we place are white / tooth coloured composite or glass-ionomer fillings. We place minimal-preparation fillings that conserve as much of the tooth’s natural structure as possible. This is made possible using advanced bonding techniques.

As well as being mercury-free, most of the fillings we use are free from any bis-GMA and BPA-related monomers.

Why is a 'blue light' used for my dental filling?

We strive to use the most cutting edge dental materials and processess at Market Place Dental. The blue light is used set composite fillings hard instantly, reducing treatment times and providing an instant result.

How long will my dental filling appointment take?

Treatment times vary according to the plan you have agreed to with your dentist. Typically appointments take half an hour to an hour. Treatment is normally completed in one visit. 

Can I use the tooth straight away?

As most fillings will be cured by the blue light you can start enjoying the use of your restored tooth straight away. You may be advised to go carefully initially as you might be numb for few hours following treatment. It is easy to traumatise a tongue or lip that is still numb from the anaesthetic, so choose soft foods and avoid hot drinks until normal feeling returns.

What if I have problems with my filling after treatment?

At the end of the treatment you will be asked to bite down on the filling to make sure it feels ok. You will also be handed a mirror to make sure you are happy with the appearance and colour of the tooth. This is your chance to check everything feels and looks great. Adjustments can be made until you are confident that everything feels fine with your new filling. If you are numb sometimes it can be hard to feel your new bite. Once your anaesthetic wears off if anything doesn't feel right just call the practice and we will book you in to check and adjust your filling if needed.

In Summary

We are a 100% mercury-free dental practice. All of our restorative materials are tooth-coloured as standard. 

Tooth coloured composite fillings are used to restore teeth:

  • Edge-bonding to level worn and misshapen front teeth
  • Restore broken teeth
  • Restore decayed and damaged teeth

Teeth can usually be repaired in one visit using composite fillings. Call us or book online for your next appointment.