COVID-19: We are requesting that all patients log in to the MPD Patient Portal prior to your appointment to ensure all your information is correct and up to date.

From here you can:
Book your next oral health check up and
hygiene appointment online.

To do this or if you wish to settle a balance please go straight to 'Existing Patient' below to log in to the portal.

New patients, see below for booking:
Direct hygienist appointments
New patient oral health checks

STEP 1: Please asses your own risk to COVID-19 by clicking below. 

You will need this information to complete your medical history questionnaire on the portal.

Click "assess my risk" below to open a new window and assess your risk as either: 

  • normal
  • moderate (clinically vulnerable)
  • high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable)

STEP 2: Log in to the MPD Patient Portal. Are you a new or existing patient to the practice? Please select below.

  1. Go to 'Medical History' and 'Your Details' to ensure these are up to date (please repeat this on the morning of your appointment)

  2. The following can also be carried out on the portal:
  • Book a routine check up and / or hygiene appointment (by selecting "Book Appointment" on the portal)
  • Pay for a recent treatment (by selecting "Payments" on the portal)