MPD Patient Portal

Welcome to the MPD Patient Portal.

COVID-19: We are requesting that all patients login prior to your appointment to ensure all your information is correct and up to date.

We would also ask you to asses your own risk to COVID-19 by clicking below. You will need this information to complete your medical history questionnaire on the portal.

If you have time please consider leaving feedback via the link below. Thank you.

STEP 1: Click "assess my risk" below to open a new window and assess your risk as either: 

  • normal
  • moderate (clinically vulnerable)
  • high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable)

STEP 2: Login to the MPD Patient Portal. Are you a new or existing patient to the practice? Please select below.

We always welcome feedback to help us improve our service to you. Please click "feedback" to leave your response to using the MPD Patient Portal: