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09 Nov

It's Mouth Cancer Action month and Market Place Dental will be in the Dunmow Town Square on the morning of Wednesday 16th November 2022 with information for the community and will be offering mouth cancer screenings at NO CHARGE later in the day*

Four signs and symptoms not to ignore are:

• Ulcers that do not heal within three weeks.
• Red and white patches in the mouth.
• Unusual lumps or swellings in the mouth or head and neck area.
• Persistent hoarseness.

If any of these common symptoms are spotted, a dentist or doctor should be seen immediately.

Did you know that two-in-three people have never checked their mouth for signs of cancer, while one-in-four do not know any of the potential early warning signs?

Given that early detection of cancer is so crucial for survival, it’s important to regularly self-check for the main warning signs.

 ‘If in doubt, get checked out.’ 

Further information: Mouth Cancer Action Month

* Screenings are specifically for mouth cancer concerns and should not replace your general dental check-up.

Graphic for Mouth Cancer Action Month 'Know how to spot early warning signs' Be Mouth Aware