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03 Jul

Do you believe in miracles? They do sometimes happen by the grace of God, but what about miracles concerning bleeding gums?

Well, one big time pharmaceutical company does seem to believe in miracles, especially if you buy their product.

Have you seen their advert on the telly and on billboards up and down the land? Do your gums bleed they ask? If they do then their answer is to buy their product Corsodyl, their remedy and end of your gum problem! Miracle! What they don’t seem to know is that bleeding gums are an indication that something is wrong at a deeper level than just what appears in the sink when you spit out. Some quite serious illnesses can cause bleeding gums, it can even be an indication of cancer. What they should be telling you loud and clear is that you should visit your dental professional and have your teeth and gums thoroughly checked and a reason for the distressed state of you bleeding gums discovered. 

Bleeding gums seldom give pain unlike other types of infection (one cause of bleeding gums) if they did you would rush to you doctor or dentist for more detailed treatment. By all means use Corsodyl if you have bleeding gums but make an urgent appointment to see the dentist. CORSODYL IS NOT THE MIRACLE CURE that the company seems to think it is! - SCB