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22 Jan

Here at Market Place Dental we offer short term adult orthodontics that take an average of just six months for you to achieve straighter teeth and a more beautiful, confident smile.

At an initial consultation, the dentist will seek to understand the aspects of your smile that you would like to improve, assess your teeth for suitability for treatment and explain the process/es that will work best for you.

Our dentists work with orthodontic specialists offering Invisalign and Six Month Smiles treatment processes as we consider that each patient has individual needs and different treatment requirements.

The Invisalign System uses discreet clear aligners that are recommended for wear 22 hours a day. World-leading technology (SmartTrack material), moves your teeth comfortably, efficiently and safely. As you progress with your treatment the aligners are replaced every 1-2 weeks as your smile gradually changes.

Six Month Smiles provide two systems; fixed clear braces and invisible aligners. The fixed braces are barely noticeable using discreet, clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. Six Month Smiles’ Invisible Aligners are made with exceptional clarity and are barely visible. Made with the world’s most advanced Aligner material (Zendura® FLX™), Six Month Smiles’ Invisible Aligners flex against your teeth and move them gently making them as comfortable as possible during treatment.

Once you decide to proceed with a treatment option, the dentist will arrange a digital review for you where you can see how your beautifully confident new smile will look, and discuss a timeline of appointments to set you on your life changing journey.

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