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05 Jun

Where have all the years gone
Long time passing?
Twenty Five with us, wow! So short!
Thank you Chris for your support.

Your gentle eyes survey the scene
And bring a cool collected gaze
Upon our busy dental days.
Here right early and works so late
Keeping all controlled and up to date!
No fluster at reception
Just loyal, consistent, motivation.

The rubbish, blue bagged and neat
Stands weekly lined up in the street.
The plants never get too drunk
But just look forward to a soak!
Should a fire lick through our lot
Chris you’ll see us safe on side-walk
Extinguishers to ready.

But steady now,
Watch it Chris!
You must last a good deal longer
As none of us get any younger
So keep your vigour and your cool.
May God bless you as you serve us all.

5th June 2015.

By Stephen Bazlinton