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18 Mar

An approaching weekend, holiday or important family occasion seems to mysteriously set off a host of dental problems ranging from a broken tooth to a large facial swelling. A toothache that has been perfectly manageable suddenly becomes raging toothache simply because it is Friday night!

On a serious note, dental infections can pose a real health risk so it is always worth seeking dental advice and treatment the moment things don’t feel right. If you experience a sharp pain with cold or heat, or when you bite together, there may be an underlying problem such as decay or a broken tooth. If you start to experience a dull ache or swelling it is vital you seek treatment straight away as it is likely that there is an infection.

Because these dental problems can arise at any moment, at Market Place Dental we feel it is important that our patients have access to emergency care whatever the time or day. Simply call the practice and if it is out of hours, listen to the recorded message that will let you know which of our dentists is on call.

So don’t tempt fate by thinking a Monday morning toothache will go away by Friday – get it looked at as soon as possible to make sure your weekend is pain-free!