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Welcome to Talking Teeth


Market Place Dental Group's blog. Please email any questions you would like to ask us, or if you would like to comment on anything. We will do our best to answer those niggling dental questions.


By MPDG, Jan 30 2014 08:46PM

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Chris Picton who retired after 31 years of nursing with us at Market Place Dental Group. It was a time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to new beginnings after three decades of dental dedication.


You have been in association with dentistry for many, many years, and with us for most of your professional life. We have together seen mega changes which us old dogs have found difficult to cope with! But I am sure you will agree that time never hangs on our hands in dental practice, and working with a grateful public has given great satisfaction over the years. I think we can all say WELL DONE for your endurance and optimism.

We have seen our familes grow up; we have indeed known the joys and sorrows of human experience. I don't know of any other profession where you are confined to so small a place for many hours a day, day after day, and not get on each others' nerves. It speaks well of your commiteent and trust that you and I have been able to do this for 31 years!

As employers, we are so grateful for your willingness and calmness in what is a stressful occupation. We have tried to be fair employers - forgive us if we have at times not been up to the mark. We will miss you very much but you leave us to cope with new challenges for the future.

And no more CPD for you! You now enter a different sphere of daily routine, no doubt with new challenges too. But we do wish you godspeed, good health and a good, long, fulfilling future with your extending family.

God bless you,

Your Market Place Dental Group family.

By guest, Jan 24 2014 08:10PM

When your child is born they will have a full set of deciduous (primary) teeth beneath the gums. These start to emerge through the gums, starting with the lower teeth, from about 6 months but can show up much sooner. By the time your toddler is 3 years old all of the deciduous teeth will be through.

Because we dentists love healthy teeth, you can bring your children in as soon as heir teeth start to pop through. We will ensure their teeth, gums and other soft tissues are OK and developing as they should. However if you have any concerns before this point, we are more than happy to have a look.

A really important aspect to bringing your children to the dentist in the early years is acclimatization to the strange environment of the dental clinic. It is better for us to meet your children for a straightforward check-up, than if their first visit to the dentist requires treatment, which may set them up with an unhelpfully negative view of going to the dentist. We'd far rather their first experience is a fun one!

A recent survey* published in 2013 showed that over 27% of 5 year olds in the UK have tooth decay. In 2009, tooth decay was reported as the third most common reason for children's admittance to hospital**. This is alarming.

We believe your children's oral health and good prevention is paramount, which is why at Market Place Dental Group we provide free private dental treatment for children under 6 years old. Our aim is that by preventing tooth decay in their deciduous teeth, your children will be set up for a lifetime of good oral health.



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