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Talking teeth

A Blog for dental questions, news and views.

Welcome to Talking Teeth - Market Place Dental's blog. Please email any questions you would like to ask us, or if you would like to comment on anything. We will do our best to answer those niggling dental questions.


By MPDG, Oct 19 2017 03:34PM

On Wednesday, our dental nurse Annabel Ward was invited to Henham and Elsenham Beaver Colony to chat to the children about brushing their teeth.

The Beavers were fascinated to see pictures of what plaque looks like under a microscope and were interested to hear how the sugar that they eat feeds the bacteria in plaque, which causes holes in their teeth.

Annabel explained how to brush teeth using a "round and round" motion on each tooth, encouraging the Beavers to place their brush "half on tooth, half on gum" to tickle the bacteria off the tooth surface.

The Beavers received a smile chart to record their daily brushing, along with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Annabel was even presented with her own badge at the end of the evening, which made her very happy!

At Market Place Dental we recommend bringing your child to the dentist as the first teeth start to appear. We see under 6s at for free and have reduced rates for older children when parents are in regular attendance.

By MPDG, Aug 14 2017 10:30AM

Ruth Baidoo (Bsc Hons) BDS (Aberdeen). GDC 258309

This September our long-established dental practice is welcoming a new dentist.

Ruth was born and raised in Essex but has spent time living and working in Scotland, Kent and Nottingham where she took on the care of anxious patients. Her interests in oral medicine, oral surgery and paediatric dentistry will provide a well-rounded addition to our skilled team. Outside of the clinic Ruth is a keen supporter and advocate of charitable causes and is one of the team members of the charity Oral Health Africa.

Our ethos at Market Place has always been that prevention is at the core of good dental care. As such, we seek to provide you with your own dedicated dentist and hygienist who are able to tailor your treatment in a personal way to suit your needs and concerns.

The practice offers a full range of general dental treatments including short-term adult orthodontics, tooth whitening and injectable facial aesthetics. If you are new to the area or are looking for a dentist then call us today to book your first appointment.

By MPDG, Jul 3 2015 01:35PM

Do you believe in miracles? They do sometimes happen by the grace of God, but what about miracles concerning bleeding gums?

Well, one big time pharmaceutical company does seem to believe in miracles, especially if you buy their product.

Have you seen their advert on the telly and on billboards up and down the land? Do your gums bleed they ask? If they do then their answer is to buy their product Corsodyl, their remedy and end of your gum problem! Miracle! What they don’t seem to know is that bleeding gums are an indication that something is wrong at a deeper level than just what appears in the sink when you spit out. Some quite serious illnesses can cause bleeding gums, it can even be an indication of cancer. What they should be telling you loud and clear is that you should visit your dental professional and have your teeth and gums thoroughly checked and a reason for the distressed state of you bleeding gums discovered. Bleeding gums seldom give pain unlike other types of infection (one cause of bleeding gums) if they did you would rush to you doctor or dentist for more detailed treatment. By all means use Corsodyl if you have bleeding gums but make an urgent appointment to see the dentist. CORSODYL IS NOT THE MIRACLE CURE that the company seems to think it is!


By MPDG, Jun 26 2015 07:15AM

The BBC’s recent two-part series ‘The Truth About Teeth’ has got our patient’s asking some great questions on how to look after their teeth so I thought I’d share some thoughts over a few blogs.

Regular Toothbrush Vs. Electric Toothbrush.

The presenter explained all you need for really clean teeth is a regular medium-soft brush – so why do we dentists often tell our patients to start using an electric toothbrush?

The thing is the studies that have shown manual brushes to be as effective as an electric brush look at what you can achieve if you brush properly. And here lies the problem. A lot of people don’t brush as well with manual toothbrushes even when they have been shown how.

In my experience people just seem to brush better with electric brushes and as a result we recommend them a lot

But why do they produce a better clean with most people?

There are a number of reasons. To give the designers credit, oscillating brushes flick all that harmful plaque away from the gum and tooth surfaces. But in my anecdotal experience I don’t think this is the main reason.

The clever people who make electric brushes know that we are busy people and the two minutes it takes to thoroughly clean often get squeezed in our hectic schedules. So they installed little two minute timers that make the brushes buzz when two minutes are up.

Simply increasing the amount of time spent brushing achieves that deeper clean and I think this is why we see a better result when using electric brushes.

Which brush?

There are quite a few different brushes out there. The main electric types (rechargeable with fixed batteries) are divided into oscillating heads and sonic heads. We recommend the oscillating head varieties (Oral B – Braun type) as research supporting these is strongest.

Like everything from our cars to phones you can get overwhelmed with options - models that brush your teeth through to the ones that connect to your phone and make you a cup of tea in the morning. It’s really up to you what you want to spend, some of the additional features on the top models are pretty fancy but I’d question whether they get your teeth any cleaner.

So there you have it – the low down on the humble toothbrush.

- Richard

By MPDG, Jun 8 2015 01:02PM

Where have all the years gone

Long time passing?

Twenty Five with us, wow! So short!

Thank you Chris for your support.

Your gentle eyes survey the scene

And bring a cool collected gaze

Upon our busy dental days.

Here right early and works so late

Keeping all controlled and up to date!

No fluster at reception

Just loyal, consistent, motivation.

The rubbish, blue bagged and neat

Stands weekly lined up in the street.

The plants never get too drunk

But just look forward to a soak!

Should a fire lick through our lot

Chris you’ll see us safe on side-walk

Extinguishers to ready.

But steady now,

Watch it Chris!

You must last a good deal longer

As none of us get any younger

So keep your vigour and your cool.

May God bless you as you serve us all.

5th June 2015.

By Stephen Bazlinton

By MPDG, Oct 3 2014 08:29PM

In August Market Place was pleased to welcome our new hygienist Michelle Hawker. Michelle trained in 2002 as a dental nurse receiving her NEBDN national certificate. In 2010 she received a distinction in the Foundation Degree of Oral Health Science from the University of Essex. She has just been nominated as a finalist in the Dental Hygiene and Therapy Awards 2015 in the category 'Best Treatment of Nervous Patients'.

Michelle is currently working every Thursday at Market Place Dental Group. You may be referred to Michelle from your dentist as part of your dental care. New 'direct access' changes means that you can see a hygienist without first seeing your dentist. So if you feel your teeth and gums could do with a good clean and you would like help with your oral health contact our reception and book an appointment with Michelle.

Michelle is also trained in cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening and facial aesthetics and would be happy to talk through these treatments with you.

By MPDG, May 30 2014 02:03PM

Teeth whitening is a popular treatment at Market Place Dental Group, but if you have never had your teeth whitened you may wonder what it's all about.

As time goes on, you may notice that your once-gleaming smile starts to darken and discolour. This could be due to staining from food and drink or from the natural changes over time. Bleaching is a non-permanent, safe and effective way to lighten your teeth to a brighter white in a short space of time.

Staining can happen for the following reasons:

Smoking or other tobacco-related habits

Drinking tea, coffee, red wine or dark sugary soft drinks

Trauma to teeth

Plaque deposits from not brushing effectively

Time! Age can cause a natural discolouration to both teeth and fillings

Whitening your teeth using a dentist-prescribed bleach can make a big difference to the appearance of your smile giving you a brighter and more youthful look. Once your dentist has shown you how to apply the bleach, you take the kit home and control how white you want your teeth.

It works by using a peroxide-based whitening gel which bleaches the teeth. On your first visit you will assessed for your suitability for bleaching by your dentist. Moulds will be taken of your teeth, their shade/colour will be recorded along with ‘before photos’. On the second visit your personalised bleaching trays will be ready. Your dentist will show you how to apply the bleach into the trays and how to seat them. Depending on the product, the trays are worn once a day (from 2hrs to overnight) until your desired level of whiteness has been achieved. The effectiveness of the bleach is dependent on the natural pigmentation of your teeth and/or the degree of staining but can take up to 2 weeks for a natural-looking smile. Your final appointment will involve a review of the colour change and ‘after photos’. You can expect at least 3 appointments, but your dentist may arrange more if necessary.

Some tooth sensitivity may occur during treatment. This can be reduced by brushing your teeth prior to the application of the gel using a sensitive toothpaste, not using too much gel and following your dentist’s advice about how long to leave your tray in. Having a couple of days off can help; if the sensitivity persists it is best to contact your dentist. It is illegal to get teeth bleaching from any provider other than a dentist, so ensure you seek proper professional treatment.

At Market Place Dental, we offer bleaching at the great price of £195, so if you have any questions do drop us a line and we can help you get that brighter smile.

By MPDG, Mar 4 2014 02:43PM

An approaching weekend, holiday or important family occasion seems to mysteriously set off a host of dental problems ranging from a broken tooth to a large facial swelling. A toothache that has been perfectly manageable suddenly becomes raging toothache simply because it is Friday night!

On a serious note, dental infections can pose a real health risk so it is always worth seeking dental advice and treatment the moment things don’t feel right. If you experience a sharp pain with cold or heat, or when you bite together, there may be an underlying problem such as decay or a broken tooth. If you start to experience a dull ache or swelling it is vital you seek treatment straight away as it is likely that there is an infection.

Because these dental problems can arise at any moment, at Market Place Dental Group we feel it is important that our patients have access to emergency care whatever the time or day. Simply call the practice and if it is out of hours, listen to the recorded message that will let you know which of our dentists is on call.

So don’t tempt fate by thinking a Monday morning toothache will go away by Friday – get it looked at as soon as possible to make sure your weekend is pain-free!

By MPDG, Jan 30 2014 08:46PM

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Chris Picton who retired after 31 years of nursing with us at Market Place Dental Group. It was a time to reflect, celebrate and look forward to new beginnings after three decades of dental dedication.


You have been in association with dentistry for many, many years, and with us for most of your professional life. We have together seen mega changes which us old dogs have found difficult to cope with! But I am sure you will agree that time never hangs on our hands in dental practice, and working with a grateful public has given great satisfaction over the years. I think we can all say WELL DONE for your endurance and optimism.

We have seen our familes grow up; we have indeed known the joys and sorrows of human experience. I don't know of any other profession where you are confined to so small a place for many hours a day, day after day, and not get on each others' nerves. It speaks well of your commiteent and trust that you and I have been able to do this for 31 years!

As employers, we are so grateful for your willingness and calmness in what is a stressful occupation. We have tried to be fair employers - forgive us if we have at times not been up to the mark. We will miss you very much but you leave us to cope with new challenges for the future.

And no more CPD for you! You now enter a different sphere of daily routine, no doubt with new challenges too. But we do wish you godspeed, good health and a good, long, fulfilling future with your extending family.

God bless you,

Your Market Place Dental Group family.

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